Lottery In Iowa Now Offering Receipts For Gamblers


Iowa lottery officials have been concerned with the safety of their gamblers. They have put a plan in place that will try and help make sure that gamblers will receive the correct amount won when they play the lottery.

Phase two of the extended plan will be unveiled on Monday. Gamblers will now have the opportunity of getting receipts for any lottery game that they play. The receipts are part of a gambler protection program.

Basically for anything that goes through the lottery machines, a receipt can be printed. Lottery tickets that are cashed or checked, as well as instant scratch tickets can also generate receipts.

The Iowa Lottery has been highly successful since its inception in 1985. Over $2 billion in prizes have been passed out through the lottery. The receipts are a way for people to ensure that there is n o confusion in dealing with individual tickets.

The receipts will reveal what a player wins on a given ticket. One of the receipts will be available to the retailer, and the second receipt will go to the gambler.

With lottery gambling becoming more prevalent in the United States, states are moving towards protecting their gambling patrons against fraud. Other lotteries are offering new and more expensive games to deal with the demand.

Casino Smoking Bill Passed By Senate In Connecticut

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While the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut has been trying to convince their workers that unionization is not good for either side, another problem has arose for the casino.

The state Senate passed a Bill by a 24-11 vote that will ban smoking in the state’s casinos. The Bill actually will serve the workers better than a union could.

Many casino workers have complained that smoking in the casinos they work in is dangerous to their health. For years, they were basically told to deal with it by many casinos.

Now, since the casinos have had no concern for their employees health, the state has stepped in. Many states are moving towards these non smoking policies not only in casinos, but all public places.

The battle that has been taking place has been the typical one when dealing with smoking in casinos. The casinos are against any type of ban, fearing they will lose customers that smoke. The proponents of the smoking ban point to employee health as a reason the ban should be in place.

The Bill that was passed by the Senate in Connecticut will now be moved on to the House of Representatives. It is unlikely the Bill will come up for a vote in the House, according to House Speaker Jim Amann.

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