“Lost” Gambling Odds: Spoiler Alerts Lead To Online Betting Odds


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ABC’s “lost” has thrilled millions of viewers in its run in prime-time. Tonight, however, the popular series comes to an end with one final two hour show. Fans of the [popular series are wondering how the story will tie together.

Online gambling sites are taking advantage of the suspense. Several sites have listed odds on different scenarios that could play out. With almost everyone having a different opinion, there are a plethora of choices for gamblers to pick from.

The smallest of odds come from the idea of Juliet being revealed as the mother of jack’s son. Any gamblers who believe this will be the case can receive odds of +120. That means that the bettor would be wagering $100 to win $120.

The next most probable ending, according to the sports books, is that one of the last four will die, with odds of +150. Fans believe that Jacob is the true bad guy can find odds of +180. These are all the most likely scenarios, according to the odds.

On the other end of the spectrum are the long shot odds. Gamblers can get a return of ten to one on their money if they go with the premise that Michael’s son, Walt, will appear in the finale. The Man in Black using Desmond to destroy the Island has odds of five to one.

One of the major questions left to be answered is who will end up with Kate. Odds makers have posted even money odds that Sawyer ends up with Kate, and Jack has odds of 6/5. Those who believe that Kate will end up with neither, can bet on that outcome with 10/11 odds.


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