Let The Super Bowl Gambling Fun Begin With The Proposition Bets


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The New England Patriots are favored by fourteen points over the New York Giants. Who cares. The real fun of the Super Bowl begins here today as we at CGW begin to examine the different ways gamblers can apply their money on the Super Bowl.

The first of the ridiculous props that sports books use to their advantage is points scored in the first quarter. The Giants are -120 that their first quarter score will be an even number. Only -110 if one thinks that number will be odd.

For the Patriots, the odds are simply reversed on that prop. Brilliant by the odds makers. A no lose situation. But hey, they don’t stay in business because gamblers are intelligent.

The first team to cross the fifty yard line in the game seems like something that would catch interest. The Patriots and their high powered offense are -145. The Giants are +115.

For those out there who are so good at predicting football games, here’s one for you. The second half point spreads can be played before the game starts.

That means, no matter how the first half goes, and no matter what the circumstances(injury to star player?), the spreads are locked in before the game. The Giants are getting seven points for the second half and the point total is twenty eight.

In scrolling down the list, there are hundreds of these prop bets with odds that all favor the sports books. It is no wonder that year after year, more and more little stats are found for people to gamble on.

For now, the mind has done enough processing of all the possibilities. It is time to go back and concentrate on the only prop that actually counts. The score.

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