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The New England Patriots are favored by fourteen points over the New York Giants.

Live Coverage

The live coverage of the mine rescue has captivated audiences all across the world, with several networks airing the historic event in Chile. Online casinos, however, have felt the effects of all of the people that are tuning in to watch the rescue.

Whenever a major event is on television, it pulls gamblers away from their computers, and when that event is as historic as the miner rescue, the numbers go way down at online casinos. Several gamblers gave insight into why they have stayed away from the casinos today.


Gigi Levy took over as the CEO of International gaming giant 888 Holdings back in 2006. In the five years he has been in the executive position, Levy has positioned 888 as one of the most stable gaming companies in the world.

The company announced this weekend that Levy will be walking away from his position with 888. Uncertainty surrounds the company in terms of who will be running 888 in the future, but that does not mean anybody at 888 will forget what Levy meant to the gaming group.

Lotteries Commission Claims All Businesses Should Be On Internet

A couple of days ago, CGW reported on how the Lotteries Commission in New Zealand had come under fire for their plan to expand to the Internet. The Commission outlined a plan to sell Instant Kiwi online, and the Problem Gambling Foundation Merkur casinos immediately blasted the idea.

Now, the Commission has come back with their response to the allegations that selling tickets online will create increased problem gambling. The Lotteries Commission’s Chief Executive, Todd McLeay, claims that Lotto and other products offered do not contribute to gambling addiction.

It has been proven in other countries that the lottery is the main form of problem gambling cases. In most situations, the amount of regulation Elizabeth Warren Sticks Her Message in Big Tech’s Face is directly proportionate to the number of gambling addiction cases. In jurisdictions where there has been strict oversight, the addiction numbers are lower.

McLeay asserted that no business can survive in today’s world without being connected to the Internet. More and more over the past few years consumers have used the Internet to complete most of their purchases. McLeay believes that this will soon be the case for lotteries all across the world as well.

It is not even yet known whether the Lotteries Commission will receive permission to sell their Instant Kiwi online. As of now, the government has not awarded that permission, and there will be extensive discussions before that expansion takes place.

The Problem Gambling Foundation plans to go on record with their opposition to selling any Lotto or Instant Kiwi games online, or in supermarkets. Part of the Commission’s plan over the next two years was to give customers more places to buy scratch-off tickets, and making it easier to buy these gambling tickets in supermarkets was part of the two year plan.

The Lotteries Commission has issued as a mission statement to raise funds for charity without doing harm to the community. This is the area of their own rules that the Problem Gambling Foundation will use in showing how online sales could contradict the Commission’s goals.


Save The Date

4:00 PM - Ceremony

State lotteries are considered saviors in many parts of the country. They collect money that eventually goes to the education system and other worthy causes in the individual state.

The way they get that money, however, is suspect. Many of the same politicians that are against casino gambling are in favor of the lottery. That creates a double standard that is not often discussed.

5:00 PM - Cocktail Hour

What both the lottery and casinos are offering is a dream of getting rich. A dream of never having to work again, and a way to achieve wealth without having to work for it.

It does not matter whether a person is spinning the wheels of a slot machine or buying a lottery ticket. These gamblers are there for the same reason, a shot at getting out of their everyday lives. A chance for riches.

6:00 PM - Reception

Mellon was advising a research team that was studying the effects of making people feel poor and its relationship to them buying more lottery tickets.

“People who run lotteries have a lot of knowledge. They know who buys what types of tickets, they know who their customers are and their advertising certainly plays on the hopes and aspirations of low-income individuals,” said Loewenstein.


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